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Welcome to UK Clearing House

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Who we are

We are a professionally managed, responsible and ethical company, determined to be widely recognised for our "Excellence in Global Corporate Services", the skills of the multi-disciplined and professionals whom we employ, and the seriousness with which each and every one of us are aware of, and take our corporate responsibilities.

Fund and Asset Protection
Consignment Deposit
Fiduciary Services
Fund Transfer

Maintain control over your wealth

The comprehensive trust and fiduciary services offered by UK clearing house accredited UK Banks help you preserve, grow and protect your wealth the way you want - both during your lifetime and the lifetimes of those important to you - whatever your personal, family, business, political or financial circumstances.

UK clearing house Private Bank works with some of the most highly rated insurance companies around the world to bring you insurance solutions that help preserve your assets and allow your heirs to have more timely access to their estate.


Asset protection overview

Let UK clearing house help you with your business savings plans and asset protection - boost your asset security or simply put some extra cash away with one of our investment account through our mother banks in the UK.

  • Security
  • Investment managers
  • Equity
  • Global corporate player

Recognising our responsibility

UK clearing house has a fully developed sustainability agenda with a clearly defined approach to social and environmental investment. We've combined our fiduciary and sustainability expertise with independent specialists to create Investing for a better future - our philanthropy programme that offers you four distinct opportunities.Our skilled fiduciary experts have a solid understanding of the various structures available and can provide guidance from a global perspective. Choose from our trust companies in the Cayman Islands or Guernsey; both well established and well regulated international financial centres.

We know you understand risk. We do too

The best asset protection managers seek to provide trustworthy, customized services to their clients. So it's little surprise that they look to a trustworthy insurance partner like Chubb for broad, customized, insurance protection.
A leader in insuring asset management firms and investment funds for more than 30 years, UKCH created Asset Management Protector-a modular insurance policy with six available coverages to help protect firms and funds from their most critical professional and management liability exposures.